Welcome to Amoroteket!

Our vision is to be an unbiased center of science, where sexual debate is based on our fundamental sexual rights.

Amoroteket depicts erotic art history, presents the latest in sexological research and creates exhibitions. We cooperate with experts in both science and the arts.

We create tailor-made exhibitions on erotic art history, sexuality or love. Sizes range from corridor posters to larger exhibitions.  We have created the following exhibitions: «Lust», «Touch», “Four stage of life”, «Brain and sexuality», «Desire U» and «Womens Sexual Rights 1913-2013».

We adapt sexual education for a wide range of age- and interest-groups.
We also produce booklets for schools, hospitals, prisons and other institutions or places of work.

We offer courses in modern sexology and educational training for primary and secondary school teachers, focusing on communication and humor. We also assist in finding relevant facts and in planning assignments.

We can give lectures on erotic art history or present the latest in sexological research.

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